Living Lands and Waters Will Wrap Trees

March  26, 2014

      Living Lands and Waters is looking for volunteers to help wrap trees tomorrow. The river clean-up group will hold its annual tree wrap in Rock Island for its Million Trees Project. This year, the group will deliver 125,000 trees to campgrounds, schools, bussinesses, property owners, and whoever needs them in the Mississippi River watershed. Coordinator, Ashley Stover, says the project was started by Living Lands and Waters' founder Chad Pregracke in 2007.

      "Due to flooding and trees being cut down during the steamboat era to use for fuel, a lot of the oak trees and hardwoods along the river were cut down. Chad saw this and thought that if we replanted native hardwood species along the river, it would not only reserve and create more tree diversity, it would also provide for food and shelter for the wildlife along the river."

     Stover says after this year, the Million Trees Project will have wrapped about 750,000 trees.

      "We've done 125,000 in the last three years; so if we keep on that track, I would say in about three to four years, we'll hit one million. But what I understand from Chad Pregracke, we will continue to do the Million Trees and just probably rename it something else. But we don't plan on ever stopping."

      Volunteers will wrap roots in newspaper, dip them in water to keep them moist and alive, and then wrap them in plastic. Living Lands and Waters will then deliver the trees to 13 states. The tree wrapping will begin tomorrow and go through Monday at the QCCA Expo Center in Rock Island, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

(Photo courtesy of Living Lands and Waters).