Live Lead Free

August  12, 2013

     The Scott County Health Department and city of Davenport have started a new campaign to remind residents of the danger of lead. "Live Lead Free" is made possible by a federal grant.

     Larry Linnenbrink, environmental health coordinator for the health department, says lead is most often found in the paint, used in homes built before 1978. Lead poisoning is especially harmful to children, and they should have their blood tested every year through the age of 6. 

     "The biggest factor that causes lead-based paint poisoning in children is usually the windows. Kids will look out the window and happen to chew on the window sill - maybe they like to put things in their mouth or the lead-based paint tastes like butterscotch so it's sweet."

     He says the campaign also marks two important anniversaries - in 1978 lead paint was banned in the US, and in 1995 lead was eliminated from gasoline.

     "We have about 55 cases of children per month. And Davenport is one of the oldest cities with the oldest housing stock in Iowa."

     Posters for the Live Lead Free campaign will be put up around the gas pumps in some Hy-Vees, Casey's General Stores, and Mother Hubbard's Cupboards. And the health department will offer free health screenings for children.