Levy Question for the Bett. Sch. District

June  03, 2014

      Would you be willing to pay higher taxes to fix up school playgrounds ? Monday night, the Bettendorf school board decided to ask resident in September to approve a Public Education and Recreation Levy.  Superintendent Theron Schutte says proceeds from the PERL levy can be be used to build and maintain what's called "public use recreation facilities" located on school grounds. And the elementary school playgrounds in his district need about 1.2 million dollars worth of work.

      "In order to bring the playgrounds up to speed as it relates to meeting current safety standards and getting some age-appropriate equipment at the relevant schools that provide pre-school as well. "

      The new levy would be 13 1/2 cents per 1,000 dollars assessed value, and the owner of a 180,000 dollar home in the Bettendorf district would pay an additional 13 dollars ($12.88) per year. 

      "One of the reasons we feel it's a good time to ask our patrons for this increase is because over the course of the last two years we've been able to reduce the tax rate for school-related purposes almost a dollar."

       If approved, the Public Education and Recreation Levy would raise 189,000 dollars per year. A vote is now scheduled for September 9th. Doctor Schutte says currently residents of 19 other school districts in Iowa have approved this levy, including Des Moines and Mount Vernon.