Kings Harvest Pet Rescue

June  03, 2014

      Kings Harvest Ministries has found a new way to help the homeless in the Quad Cities. In addition to its current services for homeless humans, the organization is now planning to open a rescue shelter for dogs and cats. 

      Assistant director, Margot Hary, says Kings Harvest began feeding the homeless in the late 90's, and later added a shelter in Davenport that's open during the winter. And they found many of their clients had pets, so the organization started finding shelter for homeless pets. 

      "And we would keep those pets for them until they could get back on their feet and then they could get their pets back."

      A bequest from the estate of Coy Bullard allowed Kings Harvest to buy a building on West Central Park in Davenport, near Hickory Grove Road. And now Hary says they need a lot of volunteers to convert the building into an animal shelter.  It will also be a no kill shelter, similar to the Quad City Animal Welfare Center in Milan.