"Jerusalem" Opens at the Putnam

November  08, 2013

     One of the world's oldest cities, and the center of three major religions, is the subject of a new documentary showing on the Putnam Museum's Giant Screen. "Jerusalem" opened today, with an appearance by the man who made the film, Daniel Ferguson.

     Ferguson says he began working on it in 2009, and his goal was to explore what the city means for us today, what it's meant in the past, and its importance in our religions, culture, and history. 

     "What I want audiences to come away with was what I came away with - which is astonishment, intrigue, and a desire to explore the city beyond the headlines, beyond what I think is fairly superficial treatment by the media, and to explore what it means for our faith and our culture."

     To tell the story in what he calls an "inclusive" and balanced way, Ferguson picked three families, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic, and focussed on a teenager from each. 

     "We found the best age for us was from 15 to 18 years old. Any younger than that and they didn't have a sense of who they were, their history, and where they're going. Any older than that and they tended to be very jaded, and if they were Israeli in military service, it made things awkward and complicated."

     And despite their many similarities, and that they live close together, he says the three have never met, nor are they likely to meet each other.