Jacobs Running For US Senate

November  19, 2013

      A seventh republican candidate is now in the race for US Senate in Iowa. Today a former energy company executive from West Des Moines, Mark Jacobs, officially announced he's running for the seat now held by Tom Harkin who'll retire next year.  During a stop in Bettendorf this afternoon, Jacobs said what Washington needs now is "common sense."

     "The true choice we face is either elect another politician and expect a different result. Or choosing someone who comes from a business perspective who can build coalitions and enshrine our conservative principles into law."

      Jacobs' priorities are jobs, education, energy, tax reform, and health care. He says while some parts of the Affordable Care Act are worth keeping, it does nothing to attack the real problem in health care which is rising costs.

      "What we should be doing is attacking cost at the provider level by introducing principles like consumer choice, price transparency - free market principles that we've used to successfully restructure other industries like telecom."

      Jacobs is an Iowa native who formerly served as ceo of Reliant Energy in Texas. His competition for the republican nomination includes a state senator, radio show host, car salesman, former US Attorney, and former Senate aide. He began his announcement tour in Des Moines this morning, and will visit 26 cities during the next six days.