Ironing Board Art

March  26, 2013

     What do ironing boards and Catholic saints have in common ? They're the focus of a new art exhibit at Augustana College. Davenport native, Kat Hustedde, has burned the images of several saints onto antique wooden ironing boards. The images are of the female saints she prayed to while growing up. 

     "I think the best thing about making art is when you can choose to make whatever you want. For my thesis show I got to pull from my past and base these pieces on something that's very close to me. And I think the best art comes from those places."     

     Hustedde says the ironing boards are set so it looks like the saints are standing up, and they remind her of icons in medieval churches.

     "They are these utilitarian, domestic, feminine objects that women have used in the past. I found them in antique shops so they have this whole history already within them. All I had to do was apply my own story."

     She created the images for her master's thesis at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee last year, and this is the first time they've been shown since then. Three have been sold, and she has a commission to create another - of Saint Seraphina, the patron saint of weavers.

     Hustedde lives in Milwaukee, and teaches high school art.  The exhibit opened Monday, during Women's History Month, and will be at the Augustana College library through May 17th. 



(photo - Kat Hustedde posing with Saint Brigit)