Illinois residents encouraged to support a new tax system

April  15, 2014

      As the tax-filing deadline approaches, Illinois residents are being encouraged to support a change in the state tax system. Members of A Better Illinois, a coalition of unions, churches, and small businesses, gathered at post offices in several cities today, including Rock Island, to promote what they call the Illinois Fair Tax.

      Currently, residents pay a flat rate of 5 percent, but the Fair Tax Act proposes a graduated system_with lower rates for those who earn less money. 

      Leslie Moore, an organizer for A Better Illinois, says 94 percent of Illinois residents would receive a tax cut under the new plan.  

      "We've been building our budget on our tax dollars, low income and middle class, and what we're trying to do today is get our senators and our reps to vote yes and to put this on the november ballots. So that the people can decide if they want a fair tax."

      Robert Wright, a local resident, says tax relief for low- and middle-income families is the only way to stimulate the local economy. 

      "I'm a union member, a blue collar worker that would like to see more of the money i make come back to me. I'd rather see if come back to my communities, turn around and spend it in my communities"

      May 1st is the deadline for the Illinois General Assembly to approve the Fair Tax Act so it can be on the November ballot. 

      A Better Illinois held demonstrations in Chicago, Joliet, Decatur, and Belleville today, and the group will lobby in Springfield next week.