Ill. QC School Consolidation - Next Step

November  04, 2013

     The next step in the possible consolidation of some Illinois Quad Cities school districts is set for tonight. Four school boards, from Colona, East Moline, Silvis, and United Township, will hold a joint meeting to decide what to do next. Last spring a study recommended consolidating U-T and its five elementary "feeder" districts. 

     East Moline superintendent Kristin Humphries says the decision will be "do we move forward," and if so, "what do we do next ?"

     "They have to decide if they want to pursue this further and ultimately what that would involve is the boards passing a resolution on moving forward with a "committee of ten." That would start the ball rolling on getting the consolidation question on the ballot next November."

     Illinois state law requires the appointment of a "committee of ten," made up of people chosen by the school boards involved. The committee would study consolidation then make a recommendation to the regional superintendent of schools. 

     After holding a public meeting, surveying district residents, and talking with his board, Humphries says the overwhelming sentiment in the East Moline district is to hold a referendum.

     ""Members of the East Moline board are saying if this is good for kids then we owe it to the public to get this on the ballot. I think you see this among Colona, UT, and Silvis. In our districts they believe the public should have a voice and they're ready to take this forward."

     The joint meeting begins at 6:30 pm at Northeast Junior High, in East Moline.

     When the study was commissioned earlier this year, the Hampton district decided not to participate, and following the study the Carbon Cliff-Barstow district opted not to participate any further.