Ice Rink Installation Begins at Moline's Bass Street Landing

November  26, 2012

Over the long holiday weekend, a crew began putting in an ice rink at Bass Street Landing Plaza in Moline. After spending Thanksgiving day with family and friends, employees of Ice Rink Events flew to the Quad Cities on Friday to begin installing the new seasonal rink downtown. 

Financial District Properties, the owner of the Kone Center, hired the Texas-based company for the project. The base of the ice rink includes several layers of styrofoam and plywood which must be level. That's covered with a huge layer of plastic to contain the water as it freezes.

Today, the workers laid out 22 sheets of small, plastic tubes with copper connections. They'll be filled with chilled glycol which will freeze the water.

Also today, the crew erected "dasher boards" to encircle the ice. They're just like hockey boards but without the glass.

You can see more pictures of the ice rink installation on the WVIK FM Facebook page.