Humility Shelter Fund Drive

April  03, 2013

The Sisters of Humility of Mary are calling on the Quad Cities community to help fill a budget gap at their homeless shelter. They hope to raise 250-thousand dollars by next April to help fund their shelter in Davenport, where at least 80 people sleep each night.

Humility of Mary president Johanna Rickl says the sisters opened the shelter in 2008 when the John Lewis Coffee Shop closed, and it costs nearly 300-thousand dollars a year to run.

"We said we would put our work, our hearts, our enertgy, our expertise at the disposal of this shelter and its needs," said Rickl. "But we have no resources. We must depend on the area community to provide for this funding gap."

Alan Peterman says the shelter has helped him with temporary housing, applying for jobs, and provided other serviced during this rough period in his life.

"I didn't come here looking for a handout," said Peterman. "What I needed was a hand up. And that's exactly what this program and facility has done for me, is to help give me a hand up. So if you're willing to work for what you need, the staff her is more than 100 percent supportive of me in every way possible to achieve my goals."

Rickl says the first 100-thousand dollars raised will be matched by the sisters.

One of the first gifts to the campaign comes from local philanthropists Hunt and Diane Harris. Donations can be mailed to the Humility of Mary Shelter or contributed through its website.