Hats Off to Clinton

February  18, 2013

     Downtown Clinton has been turned into an art gallery, featuring residents of the city. More than 200 large photographs have been put up in the windows of businesses along 5th Avenue South, Second Street, and Main Avenue.

     "Hats Off to Clinton" is the creation of photographer Jean Black who set up her photo booth in November. Her goal was to take pictures of a cross-section of the city. Each time someone posed for her, Black says she asked them to think happy thoughts so the pictures would be happy. Her favorites are the photos of three young musicians, who stopped in Clinton by accident, while hitching rides on freight trains to get to Kansas City.

     The gallery is free and "open" every day. "Hats Off to Clinton" opened last month and continues through March 11th. And maps are available in the stores where the pictures are posted.  Several examples can be seen on the WVIK Facebook page. 


(photo courtesy of Jean Black)