Hamilton Elementary Will Essentially Be All New

May  07, 2014

This morning, third grade students helped break ground on a big addition to their elementary school in Moline. Officials from the district, the city, contractors, unions, and community groups attended the ceremony to kick off the 17 million dollar project at Hamilton elementary on 7th Street.

President and CEO of Russell Construction, Jim Russell, says the third graders will be in fifth grade when the 17 million dollar project is completed in time for the 2015-16 school year. "I want to thank you because you don't know it yet, but you're the customer here. And this is your school we're building, and we're all here for you guys. So spread that word amongst your other classmates, and congratulations. Because the other thing I want to say is I don't know if you guys have seen it yet, this is a really cool school. It's very well done. We build a lot of schools. Not all of them are cool. This one is going to be cool. You're going to enjoy it, and the community's going to enjoy it."

Most of the classrooms will be located in a circular wing. And Patrick Brosnan, from Legat Architects, says it'll be flexible to meet the changing needs of teachers and students."With the exception of kindergarten, but all the classrooms will open up to this Imaginarium. It's a two-story learning space. Today it's a library. In the future it'll be a place for collaborative exercises, and then each classroom can begin to have their own book library right outside their door. And then we have, you can see in the diagrams, breakout spaces." Those will be areas where small groups of kids work on projects together. 

The 61,000 sq. ft. addition will be built to the south and east of the existing Hamilton building. Currently, that's where the playground is. In addition, the main entrance will be moved from 32nd Avenue to 7th Street.  Hamilton will be closed for the next school year during construction and renovation of the current school.