Habitat ReStore Anniversary

January  09, 2013

     A Quad Cities resale store for building supplies is celebrating a birthday this week. The Habitat for Humanity ReStore opened 10 years ago and will mark the occasion with a ribbon cutting tomorrow, and an anniversary sale.
    The ReStore, founded by Cindy Kuhn and Nancy Foster, is one of over seven-hundred ReStore similar stores around the country. Customers can get discounts on gently used building materials, appliances, furniture, and home health equipment, or donate the items to be re-sold.
    Kuhn, who is now the store director, says they got the idea for the store after a mission trip to Guatemala.
"After that, kinda came back to this country and was really struck by all the things that we put in the trash that really still have a lot of good life left in them. I had the opportunity to do some research about businesses that actually recycle or reuse those kinds of things and in the process, really got excited about making one of those facilities available in the Quad Cities."
    Since its opening, the ReStore has saved eighty-million tons of material from being dumped in landfills and has raised $652,000 to help the Quad Cities chapter of Habitat for Humanity build homes.
    Some of the most unique items that have come through the store are posted on the ReStore website and they are asking the people who bought them to share where they ended up.
    The ribbon cutting to celebrate the 10th Anniversary will be held tomorrow morning at 11:30. The special anniversary sale is set for Friday.