Genesis Announces $140 Million Project

December  12, 2013

     In the spring, a huge construction project will begin in Davenport. Today Genesis Health System announced plans to spend nearly 140 million dollars on the east campus.

      Genesis president and ceo, Doug Cropper, says the project follows years of discussion and planning on how best to deliver a range of services at the east and west campuses. 

      "And in that analysis we determined that to provide the highest quality and safest care, we really needed to look at providing all of our short-term medical and surgical services on one campus, so that will be the east campus."

      The project will include renovating parts of the east campus, and replacing a current part of the campus where the cafeteria is now, with a 7-story building. It will house an expanded emergency department, in-patient beds, and 12 new surgical suites.

      Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Joe Lohmuller, says the medical staff helped design the new surgical suites. 

      "In collaboration with our architectural team they set up mock OR's and had every component of the team in there, be they surgical technicians and nurses, to the surgeons and the anesthesiologists. All were in the mock-up to try to make sure that when we build, we build it as well as possible."

      Ground will probably be broken in the spring, and the project will take three years to complete.  

      Cropper and other Genesis officials emphasize the continuing importance of the west campus, and that it will continue to host important programs such as out-patient care and behavioral health. 


(model photo courtesy of Genesis Health System - a view of the east side of the east campus complex with the new, 7-story building)