Furloughs Delayed

March  21, 2013

     Thousands of federal workers in eastern Iowa and northwestern Illinois will have to wait a little longer to find out when they'll have to start taking un-paid days off. Today the Defense Department announced it will delay issuing furlough notices for civilian employees.

     When sequestration began on March lst, spokesmen for the various commands on Arsenal Island expected furlough notices would go out as soon as this week, or next week. But Pentagon officials now estimate notices will go out on or about April 5th. That's because the House and Senate are making changes in the federal budget, and the Defense Department needs time to analyze how it'll be affected by those changes. 

     The Associated Press reports being told by a senior defense official that as many as 10 percent of the department's 800,000 civilian workers could be excluded from the furloughs. And it could also reduce the number of furlough days for employees.   Initially, officials said civilians would have to take one furlough day per work week for 22 weeks, amounting to a pay cut through the end of the fiscal year in September of 20 per cent.


(photo is of Brigadier General John Wharton, commanding general of the Army Sustainment Command, talking this week with headquarters employees about furloughs.) (courtesy of Jasmine Phillips, ASC Public Affairs)