Fewer Furloughs

August  06, 2013

     Thousands of workers in the Quad Cities, and hundreds of thousands across the country, received some good news today. The Defense Department announced a reduction in furlough days this summer for civilian employees, from 11 to 6. 

     The weekly, un-paid days off began last month and were scheduled to continue through the end of the federal fiscal year next month.  Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says the department was able to make spending cuts elsewhere, so there'll be less impact on the 650,000 workers nationwide. 

     This week, most of them are taking their 5th furlough day, so today's announcement means they'll have to take just one more. Spokesmen for the various commands on Arsenal Island confirm today's decision by the Defense Department, but don't yet know exactly how their employees will be affected. 

     When sequestration took effect last March, D-O-D officials thought there would have to be 22 furlough days through September 30th.