Ferris Wheel in Davenport

October  03, 2013

     Construction has finally begun on a new landmark on the Davenport riverfront. This week, workers began putting up a fence and piling up supplies for the ferris wheel in Modern Woodmen Park.

      Dave Heller, owner of the Quad Cities River Bandits, says a contractor will first bring in dirt and build up the level of the site by 12 to 15 feet, so it's above possible flood levels. Then once the dirt has settled, work on the foundation can begin. This phase should be completed by late November. 

     "There's so much room in the time table. If it ends up being December instead of November, or January or even March instead of November, it's no big deal. Because the ferris wheel isn't going up until April anyway. So we're all very confident come April the ferris wheel will be up and turning.

      The ferris wheel will be about 105 feet tall, with 20 open-air gondolas. It'll be inside the stadium, but just beyond the outfield concourse, and between the left field foul line and scoreboard.

      Construction was originally scheduled for last spring, but four floods by the Mississippi River forced the postponement.