Elliott Aviation Expansion

March  06, 2013

     With some welcome help from the state, a local company is going to expand and add jobs. Monday Elliott Aviation formally announced plans to spend 1.8 million dollars to improve its facilities at the Quad City Airport in Moline. 

     Director of Marketing, Andrew Evans, says the company promises to hire 50 new employees during the next two years, to expand its ability to offer repair, maintenance, and overhaul services. And that'll be in addition to the current local workforce of 240.

     Last year, the Illinois General Assembly approved, and the governor signed, a permanent property tax exemption for the company, meaning from now on it will not have to pay any taxes to the county, other local governments, and school districts.

     "All of our major competitors have a very similar type of legislation that allows them to be more competitive on their bids. Every dollar counts when you go up against somebody that's able to keep their bids down."

     Elliott was founded in the Quad Cities in 1936. According to a tally by the Argus and Dispatch, the company paid 220,000 dollars in local property taxes last year, with the largest share, 147,000, to the Moline School District.