Election Test in Scott County

May  06, 2013

     A small town in eastern Iowa will help test a new election system for the Secretary of State. Tuesday, when residents of Dixon, in Scott County, go to the polls for a special election they'll have the option of trying Iowa Express Voter - a new "electronic poll book program."

     Scott County Auditor Roxanna Moritz says the new system allows poll workers to check in voters by scanning their driver's license or voter ID card, rather than hand-entering the information. 

     "Most of our poll workers are a little bit older so spelling the name correctly and/or typing it in takes time. Whereas it's like the grocery store - they just scan it and it populates immediately. You're talking a couple of minutes per person, and in a gubernatorial or presidential election that's huge."

     Dixon has just 130 registered voters, and the ballot has just one question - whether the town should sell its water system to a private company. Moritz says the next test will be school board elections in September, followed by municipal elections in the fall. And if the new system works well, it will soon be available statewide.

     Along with its speed and accuracy, Iowa Express Voter has another key advantage - Secretary of State Matt Schultz will make it available to counties for free. 

     Polls in Dixon will be open on Tuesday from noon to 8 pm.