Dillard Announces Run for Governor

July  16, 2013

Another Republican has entered the race for Illinois governor. State Senator Kirk Dillard from Hinsdale announced his candidacy Monday at the Quad City Airport during a statewide fly-around. 

Dillard said he has the best chance of winning against a democratic nominee.

"I'm a suburban candidate with very strong downstate roots," said Dillard. "Incredibly deep western Illinois roots, and to win the governorship, the best template for republicans is a suburbanite with strong downstate roots."

Dillard says he actually commends Governor Pat Quinn for freezing pay for legislators until they agree on pension reform.  He says he'll propose a constitutional amendment that automatically freezes payroll if legislators are unable to balance the budget, and another to address the pension system.

"The second constitutional amendment would be one that ends legislative pensions going forward," said Dillard, "And also ends pensions for part-time elected officials. Let me be clear, if the pension mess isn't taken care of by when I get there, I will fix it, and we will stop wasting $17 million a day in unpaid interest."

This is Dillard's second run for governor, and he's now the fourth republican running for the seat in 2014. His primary challengers so far are venture capitalist Bruce Rauner, State Treasurer Dan Rutherford , and State Senator Bill Brady.

Along with being a state senator, Dillard also served as chief of staff to former Governor Jim Edgar.

So far from the Democratic party, Bill Daley and Governor Quinn have said they'll run.