Davenport Schools Graduation Destination

August  09, 2013

The city of Davenport and its school district want to help make sure more students graduate from high school. On Saturday, they'll hold an event called Graduation Destination to reach out to kids who are at risk of dropping out, or who have already left school.

District spokeswoman, Dawn Saul, says high school dropouts will earn on average 600-thousand dollars less in their life-time than someone with a diploma.

"Students drop out for just a myriad of reason, and we don't always know what they are," said Saul. "And any way tthat we can connect them with the support that they need, that's what we want to be doing. We have an issue. We're making progress, but we need to continue to reach out and work together to offer our students what they need."

Saul says postcards have been sent to students who have dropped out already, and calls have been made to parents of at-risk children.

More than thirty local service organizations will be at Graduation Destination to provide information on everything from tutoring and mentoring programs to health care. 

School staff will also be there to help each young person understand exactly what they have to do to finish school.

"If you can have fewer than nine absenses from school in a year," said Saul, "We need you to get above a 'C' in all of your core subjects, and a passing grade in all of your electives, then you're probably on track to graduate from high school."

Graduation Destination will start at 10 a.m. on Saturday at the River's Edge at 700 West River Drive in Davenport. Speakers will include city and school officials, and students who had struggled to graduate in the past.

There will also be skateboard demonstrations, a car simulator, a bounce house, and a chance to win door prizes.