Davenport School District Budget

February  03, 2014

      With just two months to go until next year's budget has to be finished, the Davenport school board will soon have to make some decisions on where to cut spending. Tonight (monday) the superintendent will present several alternatives ways to save money, starting in the fall.

      The district's chief financial officer, Marsha Tangan, says the possible spending cuts total 2 million dollars, but do NOT include cuts in staffing. 

      "And so we believe that in putting a number of these smaller areas together, that we can still get the amount we need without making any staff reductions along the way."

      The recommendations include reducing department budgets by 5 per cent, cutting the school board and superintendent budgets by 25 per cent, and savings from ending its contract with Edison Learning to operate Jefferson Elementary School.

      Tangan says the district could also save by not putting money into its self-insurance fund. 

      "The board has now set a target as the minimum amount they want in the self-insurance fund and that's at least six months worth of claims. We are well above that and that's why we recommend for another year we can probably have an insurance holiday although the amount we're recommending is only half of what we did the previous two years."

      Tangan says the Davenport board will just discuss these recommendations tonight, and then begin making decisions in the coming weeks. The budget must be finished, and submitted to the state by April 15th.