Davenport School Community Meetings

May  21, 2014

      Parents and students can help the Davenport School District decide on starting times for next fall. Starting Wednesday (5/21) night, it will hold three community meetings to discuss options for elementary, intermediate, and high schools. Last month, the school board approved a new schedule that would delay the opening bell for the high schools by half an hour, and make many changes for the elementary grades. But following strong opposition, it decided to re-consider.

      Superintendent Art Tate says there is a range of options to that might work. 

      "You've got options where the high schools are starting the earliest time and options with the high schools starting at the middle time. You take both those options and you put intermediate schools first or last. Those are the combinations we're looking at."

      Discussion about starting times began when a committee discovered many Davenport schools did not have enough teaching time to meet new state requirements. And that one school was open two weeks less than the others. 

      Doctor Tate says the problem is so complicated, it will be hard to satisfy everyone. 

      "Because everyone's time is going to to have to change, everyone will probably be equally unsatisfied. And if we do that, we will have reached a conclusion we can live with."

      The first public meeting on school starting times for next fall will be held Wednesday night at Davenport West High School, with a second meeting Thursday night at Central. A third meeting will be held next week (5/29) at North High School. They all start at 6 pm.