Davenport Red Light Cameras

May  05, 2014

      Worried that the installation of red light cameras was an attempt to earn money instead of promote safety, the state of Iowa required several cities to submit reports. And the report from Davenport anyway, seems to show its cameras have made several very busy intersections safer. 

      The city's traffic engineer, Gary Statz, says he looked at accident data from four years before the cameras were installed, and three years following. And he found a 76 per cent drop in "red light related crashes."

      "Almost always it's a right angle crash at a signalized intersection. So we look at the accident reports, and if it's a right angle crash then we'll look at the narrative. It almost has to be a red light running, because how else would two people hit each other at a signalized intersection at a right angle"

      About 40,000 vehicles per day pass through these four intersections in Davenport - on Kimberly at Welcome Way, Elmore Avenue, and Brady Street, and Harrison at 35th Street. 

      Statz says he understands why state officials are concerned, especially after some cities talked about putting up cameras along interstate highways. But he thinks Davenport has made a strong case for its photo-enforcement program. Currently there are no plans to install any more cameras.