Contract Extended for WIU President

June  06, 2014

      A vote of confidence today for Western Illinois University president Jack Thomas. After an extensive evaluation, the board of trustees agreed unanimously he's doing an excellent job, and offered him a contract for the coming year. At their meeting today in the Quad Cities, trustees also approved a 2 per cent salary increase.

      Carolyn Ehlert Fuller, a trustee from Milan, chaired the Presidential Assessment and Evaluation Committee. She says board members agreed Doctor Thomas is moving the university forward despite extreme budget problems caused by falling state support. 

      "He puts students first, making sure they get an excellent education, trying to keep the costs low, and making sure the students have accessibility to the university."

      The committee was formed in March and began collecting comments from faculty and staff, interviewed Thomas and his leadership team, then collected comments on his performance from trustees.  Trustee Lyneir Cole from Chicago also served on the assessment and evaluation committee. 



(photo courtesy of WIU)