Comprehensive Plan for RI

April  19, 2014

      Rock Island may soon have its first long-term comprehensive plan. Monday night the city council will vote on whether to adopt the plan following months of study, public hearings, and discussion.

      Planning and Redevelopment Administrator, Ben Griffith, says the goal is what he calls "growth management" for the city for the next 20 years or more - for land use, infra-structure, and economic development.

      "The city has a long history of planning and developing neighborhood plans and small area studies. But never an over-arching, city-wide comprehensive plan - so that's pretty important."

      Griffith says a key part of the plan is its guide to future land use. 

      "It gives kind of a road map - for example we'd like to concentrate our commercial development in these areas because we have adequate infrastructure, water, and sewer service, and our roads can handle the traffic."

      A copy of Rock Island's proposed comprehensive plan is available on the city's website (