Committee of Ten Organizes

March  24, 2014

      The next step in the possible consolidation of four school districts in the Illinois Quad Cities will be taken Monday night. The Committee of Ten, made up of board members from United Township, East Moline, Colona, and Silvis, will hold its first meeting.

      Silvis superintendent, Ray Bergles, says the committee will first elect a chair, then talk about the various deadlines it has to meet, and appoint some sub-committees for subjects such as finance, facilities, and curriculum.

      He says the committee will have to decide by sometime in May whether to put a consolidation referendum on the November ballot.

      "All we're trying to do is let the people decide. Whether you're for or against it, everybody should have that choice to make. That way we all know where we're going and how we should plan for the future of our districts."

      If voters approve merging the four school districts, then a school board for the new district would be elected in the spring of next year (2015), with the new district opening in 2016.