Combined Federal Campaign Begins

October  09, 2013

     After a one-week delay caused by the federal government shutdown, this year's Combined Federal Campaign is underway. Each year federal employees in 37 eastern Iowa and western Illinois counties are asked to contribute to their favorite charities.

     Spokeswoman, Linda Loebach, says the annual campaign includes workers for a variety of federal agencies, the military, and the Postal Service.

     "You can give to the general campaign and it will be divided evenly between all of the agencies. Or you can choose one or more agencies that you prefer."

      Last year, the Illowa Combined Federal Campaign raised 610,000 dollars.

     Because many Arsenal Island workers were forced to take furlough days during the summer, and lost pay due to the shutdown, Loebach worries pledges will suffer.

     "These charities are always helping and the federal employees themselves may be benefitting from these charities at some point or have benefitted in the past. So we would like the federal employees to keep that in mind when they're thinking of contributing."

     A kickoff ceremony for this year's Combined Federal Campaign was scheduled for Arsenal Island on October 2nd, but cancelled due to the shutdown. She says instead, each agency will have its own special event to mark the beginning of the campaign.