Civil rights film sparks discussion among residents

April  30, 2014

      A three-hour film has inspired weeks of discussion between local residents. People gathered at the Dr. King Community Center last night to view and talk about "The Abolitionists," a documentary on anti-slavery movements before and during the Civil War. 

      The discussion was the last of a three-part series called Created Equal, which was hosted by the Rock Island Library.  Director Angela Campbell says she originally planned to screen part of the film at one event, but decided to screen the whole film over the course of three weeks, with discussions afterwards.
      "The talking part is the hard part because if you're used to hanging around like people, you might not get to hear what other pepole have to say, and I think that's what really breeds understanding between cultures, is just sitting around and discussing things and coming to an understanding." 

      Reverend Dwight Ford led the discussions after the film. He says he wants to find a way to continue the discussions at the King center. 
      "What these kinda dialogues help us, through the great presentation of cinematography, is allowing us to look back. And I think while we're looking at the story being told, we actually see ourselves in the story."

      The Created Equal series ran in tandem with Changing America, a traveling exhibit at the Moline Public Library, which ends today.