Circa '21 Announces World Premiere

June  17, 2013

A theatrical comedy will open for the first time ever in the Quad Cities. Circa '21 Dinner Theater in Rock Island announced today it will host the world premiere of "Love, Lies, and the Lottery" in July. 

Written and directed by Jim Hesselman, it's about a man who wins the lottery and then just wants everyone to leave him alone.

Producer Denny Hitchcock says world premieres are rare at Circa '21. "Most of the scripts that we get are scripts that I don't feel are what our audience wants. Most of what people send us are really quite serious. And if anyone looked over our production history, they'll see we do pretty much musicals and comedies, every once in a while throw in a mystery," he says.

Hitchcock says this is the first world premiere in three years.  Circa '21 also announced the upcoming season will include the local premiere of "A Christmas Story: The Musical." Hitchcock says they are taking casting very seriously. "Our big thing with that show is finding the boys. We've had one set of auditions now, we have a couple more sets coming up soon. There's lots of boys in this show and those roles are pretty iconic. Everybody knows who Ralphie is," he says.

Four other shows were announced, including the Midwest premiere of the comedy "Always a Bridesmaid."

Show dates and times can be found on Circa '21's website.