Case IH Retirees Health Care

September  17, 2013

     Thousands of retirees and their families, in the Quad Cities and midwest, may have to pay a lot more for their health care. A federal court is considering a request from CNH Global to raise the costs for its former Case employees, here and at plants in Burlington and Racine, Wisconsin.

     A lawyer for the workers, Roger McClow, says those affected retired from  August of 1994 through April of 2005. The company wants to make what it calls "reasonable" changes, but he calls them "massive and draconian."

     "Sixty per cent of any increases in cost would be borne by the retirees, and 40 per cent by the company. The company is responsible for 100 % at this point."

     McClow says CNH estimates retirees over the age of 65 will pay nearly 600 dollars per year per person by 20-22, and those younger than 65 will pay 67-hundred dollars per year each. 

     "The major change is that for people over 65, prescription drug benefits would be eliminated. And for people under 65, the co-pay would be increased dramatically."

     There would also be increases in deductibles, other co-pays, and co-insurance payments. A court hearing on the case could be held as soon as next year.

    CNH Global has been contacted, but not yet commented on the case.