Cadaver Christmas Release

October  08, 2012

    What do you get when you cross "Night of the Living Dead" and "It's A Wonderful Life ?" That's how two film-makers from the Quad Cities describe their first feature film, "A Cadaver Christmas," that'll be released tomorrow.
    Dan Rairdin-Hale from Davenport, co-wrote it with his friend Joe Zerull from Moline. He says it's about an army of cadavers that comes to life on Christmas Eve.
    "It's a holiday Christmas movie with zombies. So it's about friendship and the holidays, and also about killing cadavers."
    He also calls it "cheezy," "gory," and "fun."
    The two began writing "Cadaver Christmas" in 2006, before the "zombie boom" of recent years. Then they started shooting it in and around the Quad Cities in 2008.
   "What was originally supposed to be a two week shooting period turned into two years of getting people back together over spring break or over long weekends, doing post production when we could. It turned into a very long process, and I think we have a great product because we took our time, we didn't rush through."
    National release means their film will be available from major retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and K-Mart, plus for rent at Family Video. It will also be available internationally, with deals already signed for distribution in the United Kingdom and Germany.
    Rairdin-Hale says "Cadaver Christmas Two" and "Cadaver New Year" are NOT in the works - he and Zerull want to spend time with their families, and see how sales of their first film go.