Budget Work Begins

October  08, 2013

     Six months before the deadline, the Davenport School board has started working on next year's budget. Monday night the board held its first discussion of projected revenue and spending for the 2014 2015 fiscal year.

     The school district's chief financial officer, Marsha Tangan, wants the board to cut spending in next year's budget by 3 to 4 million dollars. And her list of possible savings includes the block schedule at the high schools.  Currently teachers have to teach for 3 of the 4, 90-minute periods each day, compared to the more traditional schedule where they teach for 6 of the 7 periods.

     "And so you've actually got them more engaged, working longer hours within the school day, teaching more classes than what they do now. So you wouldn't need as many teachers as what you would on the block."

     Other possible savings include cutting administrative costs, department budgets, and transportation.  Tangan says the board will discuss next year's budget again in the coming months, and must finish its work by April for submission to the state. Changing the block schedule and other possible spending cuts might also mean the need for public meetings early next year.