Black Hawk College Tuition

February  18, 2014

      The cost to attend Black Hawk College may go up soon. Tonight the board of trustees will discuss tuition for the coming academic year, and possibly hold a final vote on Thursday.

      Vice president for finance, Leslie Anderson, says tuition and fees now add up to 115 dollars per credit hour. And she's recommending a 4 dollar raise.

      "The total need is about 10 dollars, meaning that in order to have a balanced budget and make no cuts, we'd have to raise tuition 10 dollars a credit hour. Obviously we don't want to do that if we don't have to, so we are looking at how can we raise tuition and still make some cuts on our side."

      Salaries at Black Hawk will go up 2 per cent next year, and the cost of health insurance could rise by 7 per cent. Anderson believes state funding will drop 3 per cent. 

      And what makes the financial situation worse is falling property values in some, if not all, of the nine counties in the college district.

      "R0ck Island County is now anticipating about a 1 per cent decrease in EAV. And Rock Island County is 90 per cent of our equalized assessed valuation."

      Currently, Black Hawk College has three main revenue sources - tuition and fees make up 47 per cent, state funding is 21 per cent, and property taxes account for 29 per cent.  If trustees approve a tuition hike, it will go into effect June lst.