Bikes for Brains

December  03, 2013

      One hundred children will receive a special gift this month - a new bicycle. Children selected for this year's Bikes for Brains will pick up their new bikes next Monday (12/9).

      Natalie Doyle, from the Rock Island County Regional Office of Education, says the goal this year is to give away bikes to 100, 3 to 5 year olds.

      "Research has shown that children when they get outdoors and are engaging in outdoor activities and playing - the physical movement really promotes a child's development. It just shows the more we can get kids outside, the better they can do in school." 

      Doyle says donations will be accepted through Friday (12/6).

      When the children pick up their new bikes on Monday, at the King Center in Rock Island, they'll also receive a new helment. Sponsors include the regional office of education, the Queen's Parlor in Moline, Bike n Hike in Rock Island, the Pilot Club of Moline, and Walmart.