Big Bacon Bonanza

June  06, 2014

      All things bacon will be celebrated and consumed this weekend in the Quad Cities. Churches United is sponsoring a fund-raiser on Saturday called "The Big Bacon Bonanza."

      The organizer, Thea Hansen-Bettis, says they started talking last year about holding some sort of food festival, and noticed all the bacon-themed events being held across the country, but NOT in this area. 

      "Anybody and everybody I talked to, unless they have some sort of food allergy or dietary restriction, is excited about bacon. There's not a single person I've talked to that said no. So I just think bacon has become very popular - there's been great marketing surrounding bacon. Bacon goes with a lot of different things - it can be sweet, it can be savory."

       Vendors at the Big Bacon Bonanza will hand out traditional bacon treats, and some not-so-well-known such as bacon jam, bacon cupcakes, bacon ice cream, and for breakfast, or any other time - bacon infused with blueberries.

       Hansen-Bettis says there'll also be plenty of non-food items for purchase, ranging from bacon mints, toothpaste, and deodorant, to bacon Christmas tree ornaments.  Live music and refreshments will also be available. 

       The Big Bacon Bonanza will be held Saturday at the River Center in Davenport from 3 until 10 pm, with proceeds going to Churches United. Hansen-Bettis says some vendors have already signed up for next year.