Closed Bridges in the Coming Months

April  02, 2014

      Both the Centennial Bridge and the Government Bridge will be shut down for repairs later this year. A steel beam will be replaced and other work will be done on Centennial, and the Government Bridge will be closed to replace pavement on Fort Armstrong Avenue.

      Bi-State Regional Commision planning director, Gena McCullough, says the Centennial repairs will be done first so they don't become a safety issue later, and should be finished before work on Fort Armstrong Avenue starts.

      "The goal is for the main work on the Centennial Bridge will be completed, so that then the Fort Armstrong Avenue project will get underway. The goal is to have as little overlap as possible. But depending on weather and how the projects go, there may be a slight overlap. We're working very hard to prevent that though."

      McCullough says Centennial Bridge will be closed for 35 days starting in July, and the Government Bridge will be closed for seven to eight weeks in September. Pedestrians will still be able to use both bridges. McCullough says the estimated cost for the Centennial repairs is seven million dollars, and the detour route will be the I-280 bridge, as well as the Government Bridge for local traffic.