Bettendorf Performing Arts Center

March  15, 2013

     Have you ever wondered what 16 million dollars looks like ? This afternoon, the Bettendorf School District held a celebration at the high school to mark the completion of a new performing arts center, renovated library, and new administration center.  The key feature of the new performing arts center is space - it seats 840 compared to the old theater that had room for 360. And everything else is bigger and newer.

     Manager Chris Howard says one of the best new features is there's lots of room for scenery. Instead of just being able to move it to one side or the other, off-stage, it can now also be raised and lowered from above the stage.

     And besides more lights and better accoustics, the new center has real dressing rooms, instead of offstage areas separated by blankets.

     Students got to visit the new theater and library today before the afternoon ribbon cutting. Then tonight, the public will be welcome. Several musical ensembles from the middle school and high school will perform, and help "christen" the new theater. The old theater, built in 1973, will still be used for smaller events, and for storage.