Bettendorf Hires a Director fo the Family Museum

January  27, 2014

A man who grew up three blocks away is now the director of the Family Museum in Bettendorf. This morning, City Administrator, Decker Ploehn announced he's appointed Jeff Reiter (top, left) to the position, which has been open since October. He's been working for the museum for about 15 years, mostly recently as co-interim director and head of Business and Community Relations. 

Ten years ago, Reiter says about 70,000 people visited the Family Museum, and it had 900 members. Now, after an extensive renovation, annual visits have risen to 165,000, and memberships are up to 2,500. "Over the course of the last five years, it's steadily gone up. We've made some other program changes that have really benefitted us. We have free drop-in programming here at the museum whenever you utilitze your membership or pay admission. They've really served as a catalyst for us. So attendance has gone up incrementally. Even as recently as about the last three years, we saw 1,295 memberships. So we've near doubled in three years."

He and 22 employees would like to take Family Museum programs out of the building. Two vans are available for visits to parks, community centers, and other neighborhoods in Bettendorf and the rest of the Quad Cities. "We'd like to go to folks that maybe don't get to come here, maybe need transportation or financially and help meet their needs as well. Give them exposure to the museum that they may not have. We have fun science programs daily. Stomp rockets, dry ice experiments you can take on the road." He hopes to begin that project in the summer. 

Reiter's salary will be 65,000 dollars a year.


(Photo of Reiter, submitted. Others, O'Neill)