Author Raises Money for Dav Schools

May  01, 2014

      A famous graduate of the Davenport schools will return to this weekend to raise money for them. Best-selling novelist, Randy Wayne White, will be the featured speaker Friday night at a gala hosted by the Davenport Schools Foundation.

      White graduated from Davenport Central High School in 1969, worked as a fishing guide in Florida, and then switched to writing. Since then he's published nearly 40 books, including 21 novels featuring marine biologist Doc Ford. White says he first became interested in writing at Central High School. 

      "In the school library at Davenport Central and the downtown library - early on I fell in love with books. I was never a particularly good student - I wasn't a trouble-maker, just kind of a quiet guy who didn't catch on quickly, despite our superb teachers there."

      But he didn't begin to write professionally until he was working as a fishing guide at Sanibel (SAN-ih-bell) Island in Florida.

      "I never wrote a fishing story because I was a fishing guide and I didn't want to become known as a fishing writer. So for Outside magazine I did a great many travel pieces, natural history, and politics - I travelled to almost every third world hell-hole  you can imagine."

      When the federal government closed the marina where he was based, he began writing full time - coming up with the Doc Ford series of mysteries. The latest, "Bone Deep" was published in March. 

      The Davenport Schools Foundation gala begins at 6 pm Friday at Modern Woodmen Park. White will also hold a book-signing Saturday afternoon ( 2 - 4 pm ) at Barnes and Noble at Northpark mall.