At Last, It's Ready to Open

May  21, 2014

      The newest landmark and tourist attraction in the Quad Cities will soon open. This afternoon, city officials took the first rides on the new ferris wheel at Modern Woodmen Park in Davenport. The ferris wheel is located just beyond the left field wall, and accessible from the stadium's concourse level.

      River Bandits owner Dave Heller borrowed one million dollars to pay for the new attraction. 

      "I know this - that long after all of us standing up here are gone, this ferris wheel will still be turning and generations and generations of children will still be enjoying it. And that's a wonderful, wonderful legacy to leave for this wonderful community."

      He'd hoped to have it up and running one year ago, but flooding by the Mississippi River postponed the project until this spring.

      Also thrilled by the new attraction in his city is Mayor Bill Gluba. He says only Wrigley Field in Chicago and Fenway Park in Boston have longer histories than Modern Woodmen Park in Davenport. 

      "But you know what they don't have - those two big legendary parks - this setting, this river, this bridge, this town, and our people. They also don't have free parking - what a deal in Davenport."

      Gluba, Heller, city aldermen, and members of the Chamber of Commerce were among the first passengers on the ferris wheel.  It passed a state inspection just this morning. Rides will be offered on Saturday as a benefit for the Gensis Health Services Foundation.