Another Good Year for Tourism

September  10, 2013

     A key part of the Quad Cities economy continues to grow. New figures from the US Travel Association show tourists spent $810 million here last year, which supported more than 76-hundred full-time jobs.

     Joe Taylor, president and ceo of the Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau, says these numbers show more tourists are coming here, and they're spending more. He credits our central location.

     "We're in the middle of millions of people in major metropolitan areas so we're an easy getaway to get to, we're close by, we're affordable, with lots of things to see and do. So visitors like coming to the Quad Cities."

     Tourism continues to grow by about 5 per cent per year which is better than most other sectors of the local economy. 

     "If tourism was considered as one industry, which it is, then it would be about third in terms of size and number of employees in the Quad Cities."

     Taylor says the payroll for those 76-hundred tourism-related jobs added up to $142 million last year. Tourists also accounted for $40 million in state taxes and nearly $13 million in local tax revenue.