Annual QC Lobbying Trip to Washington

March  05, 2014

      Business and political leaders from the Quad Cities are preparing for their annual lobbying trip to Washington DC. Early Thursday they'll fly to Washington for two days of meetings.

      Tara Barney, ceo of the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce, says a key meeting during the trip will be with the House Armed Service Committee. 

      "Learning more about what's coming in the budget adjustments to the military. And learning all we can about how we can advance our interest on behalf of the Rock Island Arsenal."

      They'll also travel to the Pentagon for a similar session with officials of the Army. Barney says the group will also stop at the US Department of Commerce, and the Department of Transportation.

      "The DOT is central to continuing the good momentum we have on the I-74 Bridge. We'll talk to their staff about how we can effectively position ourselves and take full advantage of the partnerships the federal government has to offer."

      About 40 people will make the trip, including mayors, chamber officials, and business leaders. And for the first time, the group will travel on a charter plane, rather than taking a chance on flying commercial. They're scheduled to return to the Quad Cities Friday night.