Alcoa Tentative Contract

May  16, 2014

      It's business as usual at the Davenport Works, and other Alcoa plants across the country today, after the company and United Steelworkers Union reached a tentative agreement on a new contract. The previous contract was scheduled to expire at midnight Thursday night, and about 11 pm, the two sides completed their negotiations.

      Mike Nicholas is financial secretary for Local 105 which represents about 17-hundred hourly workers at the Quad Cities plant. He calls the new five year agreement, "a pretty good deal for our members."

      "We got a wage increase each year. Our insurance premiums are remaining the same for the life of the contract. And there's no premium increase for either our active members or retirees."

      And he says the union achieved another major goal because there will continue to be one system of wages and benefits for all workers, instead of establishiing a second, lower system for new hires.

      John Riches is a spokesman for Alcoa in the Quad Cities. 

      "We think we've reached a package that's positive for employees and competitive for our business. And that was really the goal going into those negotiations."

      The Steelworkers union is now scheduling meetings to explain the tentative contract, and expects to hold ratification votes in the next couple of weeks. It affects about 5,000 union members, or a total of 61-hundred Alcoa workers at 10 locations.