A Side of Kindness Potluck

August  15, 2013

A Davenport woman will try to break a Guiness World Record this weekend by feeding the hungry. Angela Wilson and her group "A Side of Kindness" will try to serve 900 home-made dishes at a potlock in Lafayette Park on Sunday.

Last summer, the group fed about 100 people at the park, with just a sign that read "Free Food" to attract people. At Christmas, Wilson says they fed even more than that.

"Because we had such an overwhelming response for our Christmas dinner," said Wilson, "We kind of thought, 'Man, that's a lot of dishes.' And I'm like, 'Well, I wonder what the Guinness World Record was.' And so we looked it up and it was 863 dishes, and that's held by Casper, Wyoming. So I said for a county of 100,000 this won't be hard to do at all."

Wilson says the potluck is not only meant to feed the homeless, but also those families that may be going through tough times.

"There are so many famlies who don't make a living wage," said Wilson. "And those are the families that kind of fall through the cracks. They don't know about the resources out there available to them. So we'd really like for them to come out and have a meal, so we can make some room in their budget for something else that they need to afford."

The mission for A Side of Kindness is to provide homeless and under-privileged Quad Cities families with home-made meals at potluck events.

The potluck lunch this Sunday will mark the organization's one year anniversary, as well as World Humanitarian Day. If you would like to bring a dish or want to eat, the meal goes from noon to 5 pm at Lafayette Park in Davenport. (700 W 4th St  Davenport, IA)