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September 2014

09/29/14 Voter Registration Deadline Approaches

Next Tuesday, October 7th is the deadline for Illinois residents to register to vote before a grace period begins.

09/26/14 Midwest Week for 9/26/14

An update on some key election races
City Square Update

09/25/14 City Square Update

Construction could start within 1 to 2 months.
Saving Honeybees Is Not Simple

09/24/14 Saving Honeybees Is Not Simple

If you love apples, cashews, or string beans, you should love honeybees, too. Those are just three of the many foods that require bee pollination.
Television Ad Campaign to Attract Tourists to QC

09/23/14 Television Ad Campaign to Attract Tourists to QC

The Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau has launched it's latest effort to encourage tourism in the area.
Innovation Grants for Iowa Startups

09/23/14 Innovation Grants for Iowa Startups

The Iowa Economic Development Authority has awarded six startups with grants.
Problems for Honeybees & Beekeepers

09/23/14 Problems for Honeybees & Beekeepers

Honeybees in the U.S. are in trouble. Their populations have been declining for years, but a long, cold winter put a huge dent in the number of hives in northwestern Illinois and eastern Iowa.
"1000 Kids for Iowa"

09/22/14 "1000 Kids for Iowa"

Organizers of the project will meet with residents in the Quad Cities to discuss ways to build local support for refugee children from Central America.
UT State of the District

09/19/14 UT State of the District

Academic progress but worries about finances.
Illinois EPA Collects Hazardous Waste

09/19/14 Illinois EPA Collects Hazardous Waste

Residents can drop off hazardous waste at the Henry County Fairgrounds in Cambridge.
Long-Range Goals for Davenport School District

09/19/14 Long-Range Goals for Davenport School District

The school board met this week to discuss ways to improve the quality of education in the district.

09/19/14 River Bandits 2014 Season

A look back at the season on and off the field

09/18/14 Bridging the Gap

Stand Down 2014 serves QC area veterans
Dubuque Day of Peace Festival

09/18/14 Dubuque Day of Peace Festival

A week of events begins Friday
New CFO at Black Hawk College

09/18/14 New CFO at Black Hawk College

At a meeting tonight, the Board of Trustees is expected to vote to appoint Steven Frommelt as the new CFO of the college.
Black Hawk College Proposes Veterinary Technician Center

09/18/14 Black Hawk College Proposes Veterinary Technician Center

The board will vote on funding for a facility for a new degree program in veterinary technology.

09/17/14 Scrambling to Save an Old RR Depot

Time is running out for a historic depot in Moline.
Smithsonian Exhibit Hometown Teams

09/17/14 Smithsonian Exhibit Hometown Teams

Rock Island Main Library is celebrating the history of sports.
Davenport Open Checkbook

09/17/14 Davenport Open Checkbook

Details of spending and payroll are now accessible online.
Privatization for EM Garbage

09/16/14 Privatization for EM Garbage

A final vote is set for next month.
Clinton Museum Receives State Grant

09/16/14 Clinton Museum Receives State Grant

Elevate Iowa, a statewide initiative, gave the Sawmill Museum funds to purchase a computer kiosk, which it is using to display the history of the wood industry.
Thomson Prison Job Fair

09/15/14 Thomson Prison Job Fair

The Federal Bureau of Prisons will begin its first hiring phase tomorrow.
New Farm Conservation Grants

09/15/14 New Farm Conservation Grants

Announced by USDA Sec. Tom Vilsack in RI County.
New Kind of Traffic Signals in Dubuque

09/15/14 New Kind of Traffic Signals in Dubuque

The city has introduced new traffic signals to prevent accidents at four-way intersections.
New Fund Drive for The Arc of the QC

09/15/14 New Fund Drive for The Arc of the QC

The goal is to build smaller group homes for its clients.
Wood Turning at the Figge

09/15/14 Wood Turning at the Figge

Irish wood artist, Liam O'Neill has been turning a tree trunk into a wooden throne, for the past month.
QCs Photographer Exhibit in Dubuque

09/15/14 QCs Photographer Exhibit in Dubuque

Using a special technique, a Quad Cities man has photographed some of the best-known locations in Dubuque.
Gerry Bustos Sworn in as New Rock Island County Sheriff

09/12/14 Gerry Bustos Sworn in as New Rock Island County Sheriff

Bustos replaces former County Sheriff, Jeffrey Boyd, who resigned yesterday after pleading guilty to official misconduct.
WIU Expands Scholarship Program

09/12/14 WIU Expands Scholarship Program

The local public university will offer more financial aid to incoming freshmen with high grades and test scores.

09/12/14 Over 60 Applications Received for RDA Top Job

Dozens of people from the Quad Cities, northwestern Illinois, eastern Iowa, and beyond want to be the next president of the Riverboat Development Authority.
9/11 Remembrance Ceremony on Arsenal Island

09/11/14 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony on Arsenal Island

On the thirteenth anniversary of the attacks, soldiers, residents, and local officials honored the lives of Americans who lost their lives.

09/11/14 Mushrooms Sprout After Heavy Rain

A special kind of mushrooms, called "fairy rings," has begun to sprout in the Quad Cities, thanks to heavy rain.
New Black Hawk College Library

09/10/14 New Black Hawk College Library

The Quad Cities campus has a new library and technology center for faculty.
Davenport Stabbing Suspect in Custody

09/10/14 Davenport Stabbing Suspect in Custody

Gary Fortune was arrested last night and charged with first degree murder in the fatal stabbing of a Davenport woman.

09/10/14 Davenport Collects $185,000 in Unpaid Fines

Hundreds of people with unpaid fines from Davenport's "red light cameras" waited until the last minute to take advantage of amnesty.

09/10/14 Premiering Bettendorf

The City of Bettendorf asks citizens for help with long-term planning.

09/10/14 Bettendorf Library Renovations

New renovations to Bettendorf Library are now open to the public.
Proposed New Look for Davenport Central High School

09/09/14 Proposed New Look for Davenport Central High School

The school board is meeting with an architect to discuss the design for a new pool and auditorium.

09/09/14 Moline City Council Considers Stormwater Tax Increase

The increase would cover infrastructure repair and maintenance.

09/09/14 Bettendorf Residents Vote on Proposed Tax Increase

Residents in the Bettendorf School District will decide whether to pass a levy that would pay to update outdoor school equipment.
Villas at College Hill Groundbreaking

09/08/14 Villas at College Hill Groundbreaking

The Villas at College Hill project will bring three new homes to the College Circle Neighborhood.
Five-Year Drug Conspiracy Case Solved

09/08/14 Five-Year Drug Conspiracy Case Solved

A routine traffic stop in 2009 became a five-year investigation that recently ended.
Virtual Legal Aid Clinic for Domestic Violence Survivors

09/05/14 Virtual Legal Aid Clinic for Domestic Violence Survivors

SafePath Survivor Resources, part of Family Resources, has opened the first clinic of its kind in the Quad Cities.
New Leader for the Community Foundation

09/05/14 New Leader for the Community Foundation

Sherry Ristau started work this week as president and CEO.
Midwest Week for 9/5/14

09/05/14 Midwest Week for 9/5/14

A look at casino gambling in the Quad Cities.
Milan American Legion Honors Victims of 9/11

09/05/14 Milan American Legion Honors Victims of 9/11

This weeekend, the Milan American Legion will remember thousands of people who died 13 years ago in New York City, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC. It will hold the 6th Annual Freedom Walk tomorrow to commemorate the September 11th terrorist attacks.
Moline Library Adds Sunday Hours

09/04/14 Moline Library Adds Sunday Hours

This weekend, Moline will become the only library in the Illinois Quad Cities to be open on Sundays.
WVIK News Focus: Careers in Construction

09/04/14 WVIK News Focus: Careers in Construction

A new program is training Quad Cities residents for construction jobs.
Blanket Distribution in the Quad Cities

09/04/14 Blanket Distribution in the Quad Cities

Moline Township began delivering blankets to agencies in the area.
Perez Death Arrest

09/04/14 Perez Death Arrest

Police arrest a Rockford woman for a fatal crash near the Quad Cities 6 months ago
WIU-QC Phase 2

09/03/14 WIU-QC Phase 2

University, local, and state leaders gathered to celebrate its completion.
Fatal Shooting Investigation

09/03/14 Fatal Shooting Investigation

The conclusion: deadly force was justified in the shooting of a Davenport man.
Rhythm City Land Plan

09/03/14 Rhythm City Land Plan

Plans for the new casino in North Davenport were presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission.
River Bandits Record

09/02/14 River Bandits Record

This summer, the team set a record for per game attendance.

August 2014

08/29/14 Road Project in Downtown Moline

It will take 3 months to replace a section of River Drive.

08/29/14 Midwest Week for 8/29/14

An update on Rock Island's efforts to develop Jumers Crossing.
Run With Carl

08/29/14 Run With Carl

This year's 20th annual Run With Carl will be the last one.
Battle of 1814 at Credit Island

08/29/14 Battle of 1814 at Credit Island

THe city of Davenport will commemorate the 200th anniversary of the battle, which was part of the War of 1812.

08/28/14 New Evidence in Perez Death

State police release new information about the suspect vehicle in the hit-and-run case.

08/28/14 North Scott School Projects

Renovations and new construction in the district will total $17 million.
GOP Candidate for Illinois Lt. Governor

08/28/14 GOP Candidate for Illinois Lt. Governor

Evelyn Sanguinetti campaigned in the QC this week.
Midwest League Season Ends

08/28/14 Midwest League Season Ends

Quad Cities River Bandits could still make the playoffs.
An Administrator for Rock Island County

08/27/14 An Administrator for Rock Island County

A county administrator would replace the elected chairman of the county board
Larger Operating Rooms at Genesis Medical Center

08/27/14 Larger Operating Rooms at Genesis Medical Center

The new operating rooms are part of the expansion project at the hospital in Davenport.
Another Rolling Ribbon Cutting in RI

08/26/14 Another Rolling Ribbon Cutting in RI

Renaissance Rock Island celebrates the opening and expansion of nine businesses downtown.

08/26/14 Centennial Bridge Reopening Delayed

Unforeseen damage will require additional time to repair.
Nuclear Emergency Response Drill

08/26/14 Nuclear Emergency Response Drill

State and local officials want to make sure they're prepared for the unexpected at the Cordova nuclear power plant.
Gallup Leader Speaks in QC

08/26/14 Gallup Leader Speaks in QC

Jim Clifton will be featured speaker at QC Chamber annual meeting.
New Two-Way Streets in Dubuque

08/25/14 New Two-Way Streets in Dubuque

Four streets downtown became two-way today.
Deere & Company Layoffs in Iowa

08/22/14 Deere & Company Layoffs in Iowa

The company has announced layoffs that will affect 460 employees.

08/22/14 Midwest Week for 8/22/14

Several controversies facing the Rock Island County board.
Bettendorf School District Community Forum

08/22/14 Bettendorf School District Community Forum

The superintendent will discuss the proposed Public Education & Recreation Levy, or PERL, with residents in the district.
March for Climate Action

08/22/14 March for Climate Action

The coast to coast march stops in the QC this weekend.

08/21/14 July Unemployment

The QC rate was the lowest for July in six years.
Lost Grove Lake Partial Opening

08/21/14 Lost Grove Lake Partial Opening

Parts of the new state recreation area in Scott County are ready to open.
New Leadership on Arsenal Island

08/21/14 New Leadership on Arsenal Island

Major General Kevin O'Connell replaces Major General John Wharton as head of the Army Sustainment Command.
New Leader for ASC

08/20/14 New Leader for ASC

Change of Command on Thursday for the Army Sustainment Command.
RME Fund Raising Campaign

08/20/14 RME Fund Raising Campaign

It hopes to raise $400,000 over 3 years.
Army Materiel Command - Rock Island Arsenal

08/20/14 Army Materiel Command - Rock Island Arsenal

Four-star general, Dennis Via, has come to the Quad Cities to tour the Arsenal.
AMC Leader Visits Arsenal Island

08/20/14 AMC Leader Visits Arsenal Island

General Dennis Via is commanding general of the Army Materiel Command.
Major Gift for EICC

08/19/14 Major Gift for EICC

The Bickelhaupt family will give its arboretum to Clinton Community College.
Possible Safety Violations at QC Company

08/19/14 Possible Safety Violations at QC Company

Federal authorities announce proposed penalties for McLaughlin Body.

08/19/14 QC Airport Passengers and Flights

The number of flights leaving the Quad City Airport has declined.
United Way "Day of Caring"

08/19/14 United Way "Day of Caring"

The local organization will kick off its annual fundraiser with the event.
Justice for Mike Brown Rally

08/19/14 Justice for Mike Brown Rally

Local residents marched in Rock Island to honor 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was killed by police in Missouri.
Miss. River Hydro-power

08/18/14 Miss. River Hydro-power

A South Dakota company begins planning a project for Dam 15 in the QC.

08/18/14 Thomson Prison Warden Named

The latest step in the effort to open the prison as a federal facility.

08/18/14 Galesburg Teachers' Strike

The Galesburg Education Association and the District 205 school board will resume contract talks tomorrow.
Changes at Augustana College Art Museum

08/18/14 Changes at Augustana College Art Museum

A new exhibition will open next month as the current museum director leaves the Quad Cities.
Knock Out Hunger Campaign

08/15/14 Knock Out Hunger Campaign

Employees of Modern Woodmen package special meals for the homeless.
Harkin Bobblehead

08/15/14 Harkin Bobblehead

The QC River Bandits will honor the Iowa US Senator on Sunday.
Community Based Warrior Transition Unit

08/15/14 Community Based Warrior Transition Unit

The unit, which supports soldiers who were wounded overseas, will relocate to Fort Knox, Kentucky.
New Rainforest Exhibit at Niabi Zoo

08/15/14 New Rainforest Exhibit at Niabi Zoo

The exhibit features species native to South America.

08/15/14 Midwest Week for 8/15/14

Trying to report on deaths in Illinois prisons.

08/15/14 Deere Will Layoff 600 in Illinois, Iowa & Kansas

(Press release from Deere & Company) MOLINE, ILLINOIS (August 15, 2014) - Deere & Company today announced it will reduce the size of its manufacturing workforce at some agricultural equipment factories in response to current market demand for its products. The action will place more than 600 employees at four locations on indefinite layoff.
Back to the Drawing Board for SAU

08/14/14 Back to the Drawing Board for SAU

Davenport aldermen could not override the mayor's veto of a sports complex.
Big Development Plans for Davenport

08/13/14 Big Development Plans for Davenport

EICC and Restoration St. Louis unveil a $50 million plan.
Rock Island Deer Hunt

08/13/14 Rock Island Deer Hunt

The city is preparing for the second hunt to cut the size of the herd.
Deere & Co. 3rd Quarter Earnings Fall

08/13/14 Deere & Co. 3rd Quarter Earnings Fall

Lower demand for farm equipment is affecting Deere and Company's bottom line. But it still predicts full-year profits will be the second highest ever.
Alleged Overpayment on RI County Board

08/13/14 Alleged Overpayment on RI County Board

Some Rock Island County Board members believe chairman, Phil Banaszak, and his executive assistant, Shelly Chapman, have been overpaid.
Davenport Honored for Sustainability

08/12/14 Davenport Honored for Sustainability

Recognized for environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

08/12/14 QC Airport Drill

Mass casualty exercise Wednesday morning.

08/12/14 McVay Pleads Not Guilty at Preliminary Hearing

Timothy McVay of Rock Island has been arrested and charged with murdering 29-year-old Carrie Olson of Davenport.

08/11/14 Opinion on the RI County Board

A binding referendum could change the size of the board before the next census.
Pacem in Terris 2014

08/11/14 Pacem in Terris 2014

Sister Simone Campbell is this year's winner.
Anti-Schilling Protests

08/11/14 Anti-Schilling Protests

Local labor unions says Schilling does not represent the interests of the community.

08/11/14 Boehner Visits Quad Cities for Schilling Campaign

As part of a GOP push to support local candidates, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives will attend a fundraiser for the 17th district congressional candidate.
Rock Island County Board Investigation

08/08/14 Rock Island County Board Investigation

Members of the Rock Island County Republican Party say, to date, the pending investigation has not been transparent.
'Romeo and Juliet' With a Twist

08/07/14 'Romeo and Juliet' With a Twist

The festival will put a modern spin on Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet.'
Quad Cities PBS Partners with Peoria's WTVP

08/07/14 Quad Cities PBS Partners with Peoria's WTVP

WQPT, Quad Cities PBS, will outsource its master control operations to WTVP.
Knox College Reaches Milestone

08/06/14 Knox College Reaches Milestone

The liberal arts college now has its largest endowment ever, thanks to private donations.
River Bandits Pledge $50K to Children's Health Initiatives

08/06/14 River Bandits Pledge $50K to Children's Health Initiatives

A portion of amusement park sales will go to three local initiatives to support children's health.
Growing Robotics Manufacturer in the Quad Cities

08/05/14 Growing Robotics Manufacturer in the Quad Cities

Genesis Systems Group opened its second facility where it will produce metal parts for companies around the world.
WVIK News Focus: African Drum Circle

08/04/14 WVIK News Focus: African Drum Circle

Teranga House of Diversity hosts the drum circle in Rock Island each month.
U.S. Senator Rand Paul Will Visit Quad Cities

08/04/14 U.S. Senator Rand Paul Will Visit Quad Cities

As part of a three-day tour of Iowa, the U.S. Senator for Kentucky will visit Davenport.

08/04/14 Agreement on Passenger Rail Service to Chicago

The Illinois Department of Transportation has reached an agreement with the Iowa Interstate Railroad to plan service from the Quad Cities to Chicago.
Local Push to End Illiteracy

08/01/14 Local Push to End Illiteracy

The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley launched a campaign this week to encourage children in the area to read more.
Local Funeral Home Reinvents Itself

08/01/14 Local Funeral Home Reinvents Itself

Trimble Pointe has opened a new, multipurpose building in downtown Moline where it will host funerals, ceremonies, and community events.

July 2014

WIU Faculty Begins Moving to New Campus

07/31/14 WIU Faculty Begins Moving to New Campus

In preparation for the first day of classes, faculty and staff started moving to the new Riverfront Campus this week.
Illinois Tourism Officials Visit Quad Cities

07/31/14 Illinois Tourism Officials Visit Quad Cities

As part of a 16-stop tour across Illinois, officials will visit the Quad Cities to celebrate a record high in tourism.
Silvis School Board Proposes New Teacher Evaluation

07/30/14 Silvis School Board Proposes New Teacher Evaluation

The district plans to adopt new state standards that could improve overall school performance.
U.S. Treasury Secretary Visits Quad Cities

07/29/14 U.S. Treasury Secretary Visits Quad Cities

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew visited Alcoa's Davenport Works facility and the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce.

07/28/14 Medical Cultivation Center Proposes to Buy Local Property

A Chicago-based company wants to build a medical marijuana growing facility in Rock Island.
Moline Board of Education Approves New Curriculum

07/28/14 Moline Board of Education Approves New Curriculum

The changes will take place in English and math starting this fall.
Job Fair for Veterans in the Quad Cities

07/28/14 Job Fair for Veterans in the Quad Cities

Local veterans hope to find employment at "Hiring Our Heroes," an annual event hosted by the state of Iowa and local businesses.

07/28/14 MolineHenge

Waiting for the sun to rise directly over 5th Avenue, downtown.

07/25/14 Midwest Week for 7/25/14

Challenging Iowa's drug laws.
Hot Glass

07/25/14 Hot Glass

A non-profit art studio opens to help at-risk kids.
40th Anniversary of the Bix 7

07/25/14 40th Anniversary of the Bix 7

In forty years, the race has grown from 84 mostly local runners to, now, over 20,000 participants from across the world.
Fighting Retail Theft

07/25/14 Fighting Retail Theft

Moline works with retailers to fight shoplifting.
"Hiring Our Heroes"

07/24/14 "Hiring Our Heroes"

Government and business leaders partnered to host an annual job fair for veterans in the Quad Cities.

07/24/14 QC June Unemployment

QC is second lowest in Illinois at 6.2 %
Bix in Lights

07/24/14 Bix in Lights

Modern Woodmen continues a tradition begun in 1988.
Volunteers Prepare for Bix 7

07/24/14 Volunteers Prepare for Bix 7

This year's race will have the most volunteers ever.
Lincoln's Tomb the Focus of New Documentary

07/23/14 Lincoln's Tomb the Focus of New Documentary

A LeClaire fillmmaker wants to tell the story behind Abraham Lincoln's burial.
Renew Moline Anniversary

07/23/14 Renew Moline Anniversary

The public-private partnership is celebrating 25 years.
Moline Will Buy Electric Cars

07/23/14 Moline Will Buy Electric Cars

Despite higher initial costs, the city will save a lot of money in the long run.
Mayor Gluba's First Vetoes

07/23/14 Mayor Gluba's First Vetoes

The vetoes will be discussed, and possibly overridden, by the council Wednesday night.
Ameren Illinois Replaces Old Meters

07/22/14 Ameren Illinois Replaces Old Meters

The Missouri-based company, which serves customers in parts of Illinois, will replace old meters with new ones as part of a six-year infrastructure improvement plan.
Community Foundation Establishes $2 million in New Funds

07/21/14 Community Foundation Establishes $2 million in New Funds

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, the local organization established nearly $2 million in endowment funds.
Paws to Read

07/21/14 Paws to Read

As part of its summer reading program, the Rock Island Public Library, is bringing in therapy dogs to listen to children read.
Bettendorf Community Open House

07/21/14 Bettendorf Community Open House

The city is in the process of putting together a master development plan and is asking for input for residents.
Carrie Olson Murder Arrest

07/18/14 Carrie Olson Murder Arrest

Her former boyfriend is charged with killing the Davenport woman.

07/18/14 Midwest Week for 7/18/14

A second study of possible racial profiling by local police.
Annual School Supply Drive Begins

07/18/14 Annual School Supply Drive Begins

The "First Day Project" will benefit students from low-income families in Rock Island.
Monmouth College Class on C-Span

07/18/14 Monmouth College Class on C-Span

This weekend as part of a series, Lectures in History.
Dubuque Bridge Closing

07/18/14 Dubuque Bridge Closing

Starting Monday, the Julien Dubuque Bridge will close for ten days.
New Jersey Governor Christie Visits Davenport

07/18/14 New Jersey Governor Christie Visits Davenport

Christie, chair of the Republican Governors Association, visited Iowa for a series of fundraisers and campaign stops.
New Extension Leader

07/17/14 New Extension Leader

Jenny Garner will lead the service in a four-county region.
Quad Cities Will Host National Tournament

07/17/14 Quad Cities Will Host National Tournament

The Missouri Valley Conference has announced it will host its 2016 women's basketball tournament at the iWireless Center in Moline.
Riverbend Foodbank Grand Opening

07/17/14 Riverbend Foodbank Grand Opening

The foodbank will celebrate its official opening for its new location in southwest Davenport.
Groundbreaking for Rock Island Police Station

07/15/14 Groundbreaking for Rock Island Police Station

The new police station will be located west of downtown in the Old Chicago neighborhood.
Be A Fan to Seniors

07/15/14 Be A Fan to Seniors

The annual program to provide fans for low income seniors in Scott County.

07/15/14 Tax Levy for the QC Airport

Today, the airport authority approved the budget for the new fiscal year.
UIowa Launches Major Marking Campaign

07/14/14 UIowa Launches Major Marking Campaign

Iowa's first public university wants to attract more in-state students.
Cultural Affairs Meetings in Iowa

07/14/14 Cultural Affairs Meetings in Iowa

A series of community conversations about the department, and what it should do in the future.
JD Classic Wrapup

07/14/14 JD Classic Wrapup

A third year pro won his first tournement.
Thanksgiving in July

07/14/14 Thanksgiving in July

Residents have launched a week-long food drive to benefit three Bettendorf-area food pantries.
Farm Equipment Sales Update

07/14/14 Farm Equipment Sales Update

Tractors up but combines down.

07/11/14 Midwest Week for 7/11/14

The Davenport School District opens a creative arts academy and changes some school starting time.
Sister Concetta Park in Davenport

07/11/14 Sister Concetta Park in Davenport

Davenport-based non-profit Project Renewal celebrated its 40th anniversary with the completion of Sister Concetta park.
Metro Arts Graduation

07/11/14 Metro Arts Graduation

Students created pavement murals, a mosaic, and held dance workshops for other young people.
First West Nile in RI County

07/11/14 First West Nile in RI County

West Nile virus has already been reported in Henry and Mercer counties.
Mobile Food Pantry on Saturday

07/11/14 Mobile Food Pantry on Saturday

Modern Woodmen will help the River Bend Foodbank hand out food in Davenport.

07/10/14 JD Road Overpass Problem

Part will have to be rebuilt, but it should still be completed on schedule.
The Kings of the Narrow Gate

07/10/14 The Kings of the Narrow Gate

Dubuque man publishes a collection of stories focusing on poverty and race.
John Deere Classic Pro-Am

07/10/14 John Deere Classic Pro-Am

Thanks to the John Deere Classic, a local amateur can share the golf course with PGA champion.

07/09/14 Property Tax Fight Goes to Appellate Court

The Moline School District v. Elliott Aviation
The River Recedes

07/09/14 The River Recedes

Now that the Mississippi River is falling, cities are beginning the cleanup.
A New Search for an Architect

07/09/14 A New Search for an Architect

The Davenport School District needs an architect for Central High School construction.
Kids Day at JD Classic

07/08/14 Kids Day at JD Classic

A veteran and a newcomer prepare to play in this week's PGA event.
Watertown Residents Receive Flood Relief

07/08/14 Watertown Residents Receive Flood Relief

City officials voted to allocate $160,000 from federal grant money to residents.
"Buy Illinois Initiative"

07/07/14 "Buy Illinois Initiative"

The Illinois Department of Agriculture has launched a campaign to encourage residents to buy more local products.
Davenport Flood Update

07/07/14 Davenport Flood Update

The city prepares to take down the flood protection it put up just last week.
Residents Receive Help from Red Cross

07/07/14 Residents Receive Help from Red Cross

After severe thunderstorms caused flood damage last week, the Red Cross began distributing materials for local residents.
Flood Update

07/07/14 Flood Update

Area rivers crested on Friday and are now dropping slowly.
Development in New Old Chicago

07/03/14 Development in New Old Chicago

After years of decling investment, New Old Chicago now has nine new homes.
50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Act

07/02/14 50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Act

Historical preservation consultant unveiled a virtual heritage tour with twelve local sites linked to the African-American struggle for civil rights in Davenport.
East Moline Neighborhood Hit Hard by Thunderstorms

07/01/14 East Moline Neighborhood Hit Hard by Thunderstorms

Residents of Watertown, a neighborhood in East Moline, are still recovering from flood damage.
Davenport Flood Prep Update

07/01/14 Davenport Flood Prep Update

The city's flood protection should be completed on Wednesday.
Moline Calls for Volunteers to Fill Sandbags

07/01/14 Moline Calls for Volunteers to Fill Sandbags

Engineers, clerks, public works employees, and residents are working hard to protect Moline from the rising Mississippi River.

June 2014

MEDIC EMS Honors Late Dr. Phil Collins

06/30/14 MEDIC EMS Honors Late Dr. Phil Collins

The community named the MEDIC building after Collins, who lobbied to improve emergency medical services in Scott County.
The Mississippi River is Rising Again

06/30/14 The Mississippi River is Rising Again

A near-record crest is possible in the QC by this weekend.
Bettendorf's Vacant Council Seats Will Soon Be Filled

06/30/14 Bettendorf's Vacant Council Seats Will Soon Be Filled

Bettendorf residents will choose candidates to fill two open seats on the city council. They'll vote in a special election tomorrow.
Prostate Cancer Awareness Summit Addresses "Silent Killer"

06/27/14 Prostate Cancer Awareness Summit Addresses "Silent Killer"

Tomorrow, the Martin Luther King Center will host its second annual Prostate Cancer Awareness and Testing Summit.

06/27/14 Two Rock Island County Men Sentenced

The two men were sentenced for sexual exploitation of minors.

06/27/14 "Hollywood in the Heartland" Exhibit Opens

The first blockbuster museum exhibition of its kind in Iowa opened today.
Quinn Visits Quad City Airport

06/27/14 Quinn Visits Quad City Airport

The Illinois governor is scheduled to visit the airport tomorrow.
Katz Family Donates $500K to Figge Art Museum

06/26/14 Katz Family Donates $500K to Figge Art Museum

The Figge Art Museum has received a half a million donation from the estate of Ruth Evelyn Katz.

06/26/14 Unemployment Declines in the Quad Cities

The jobless rate fell from 6.5 percent last May, to 6.1 percent last month.
McCann Succeeds Noe as Renew Moline Board Chairman

06/26/14 McCann Succeeds Noe as Renew Moline Board Chairman

Steve McCann has been named chairman of the Board of Directors of Renew Moline.

06/25/14 Rock Island School Board Seeks New Member

A member of the board announced her resignation last night.

06/25/14 Ross' Restaurant to Move in August 2015

The popular local restaurant received an extension from the Iowa Department of Transportation to stay at its current location until next August.

06/24/14 Summer Energy Assistance Program Begins

Low-income families can start applying for a one-time payment for their electric bills, thanks to the Summer Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP.
WVIK News Focus: David R. Collins Midwest Writers Conference

06/24/14 WVIK News Focus: David R. Collins Midwest Writers Conference

Beginning novelists and seasoned poets gather to take writing workshops and hone their craft.
Clinton County Outdoor Warning Sirens

06/23/14 Clinton County Outdoor Warning Sirens

The Emergency Management Agency received complaints from residents for failing to sounds its outdoor warning sirens last week during severe thunderstorms.
Rock Island County NAACP Celebrates 10 Years

06/23/14 Rock Island County NAACP Celebrates 10 Years

Members of the NAACP recognized local leaders and awarded high school students with scholarships.

06/20/14 Quad City Airport Faces Passenger Decline

The number of passengers using the Quad City Airport continued to decline last month.
Be Healthy QC Campaign

06/20/14 Be Healthy QC Campaign

The Quad City Health Initiative has launched the campaign to encourage healthy eating and and exercise in the area.
New Program Aims to Keep Young Men Out of Prison

06/19/14 New Program Aims to Keep Young Men Out of Prison

The Safer Foundation has introduced a new after-school and summer program for young men at-risk of going to prison.
New Study Shows Seniors Are Driving More

06/19/14 New Study Shows Seniors Are Driving More

Recent data show seniors are living and working longer than they did thirty years ago.

06/19/14 Bobby Schilling on New Legislation for Veterans

The republican congressional nominee for Illinois' 17th congressional district says the reform needs more work.

06/18/14 Braley Calls for USDA Funding to Stop Emerald Ash Borer

Congressman Bruce Braley has asked Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to send money so that local officials can remove trees infected by the Emerald Ash Borer.
Racial Profiling by Police in Davenport

06/17/14 Racial Profiling by Police in Davenport

Racial profiling by Davenport police has declined, new data show
Construction Begins on Single-Family Homes

06/16/14 Construction Begins on Single-Family Homes

The Rock Island Housing Authority and Community Housing Services celebrated the groundbreaking of Lynden Lane, a new mixed-income subdivision.
"Ride Transit Week" in Iowa

06/16/14 "Ride Transit Week" in Iowa

The Iowa Department of Transportation is encouraging more Iowans to use public transportation to commute to work.
Local Veteran Receives Purple Heart

06/13/14 Local Veteran Receives Purple Heart

Michael Leal was injured while serving in Afghanistan in 2011. He'll receive a Purple Heart tomorrow.
30 Years of Ride the River

06/13/14 30 Years of Ride the River

A Father's Day tradition will continue in the Quad Cities this weekend.

06/13/14 Midwest Week for 6/13/14

A look at the just completed session of the Illinois General Assembly.
The 30th Annual Ride the River

06/12/14 The 30th Annual Ride the River

The annual Father's Day bi-state tour of local bike trails.
Fixing Illinois

06/12/14 Fixing Illinois

Two experts describe how we could fix Illinois
Beauty in the Bluff Work Day

06/12/14 Beauty in the Bluff Work Day

Several groups will spruce up a Davenport neighborhood in September.
Modern Woodmen Honors Bob Morrison

06/12/14 Modern Woodmen Honors Bob Morrison

Modern Woodmen of America will honor Bob Morrison, who organizes trips to national monuments for war veterans.
RME Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

06/11/14 RME Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago, River Music Experience was just a museum, but now it's become much more.
Rebuild Credit Island Lodge

06/11/14 Rebuild Credit Island Lodge

Davenport's insurance company will cover the ful cost to repair and rebuild.
WVIK News Focus: Lead Poisoning in Bald Eagles, LISTEN

06/10/14 WVIK News Focus: Lead Poisoning in Bald Eagles, LISTEN

Federal wildlife officials are worried about eagles dying from eating particles of lead from bullets used to kill deer.
BHC Budget Forums

06/10/14 BHC Budget Forums

College officials will present the new budget in advance of the new fiscal year that begins July 1.

06/10/14 Rock Island Property Taxes Due

The first installment of property taxes are due for property owners in Rock Island County.
Centennial Bridge will Close for Over a Month

06/10/14 Centennial Bridge will Close for Over a Month

IDOT will begin repairs on the bridge this summer.
Missing Rock Island Teenager Found (updated)

06/10/14 Missing Rock Island Teenager Found (updated)

Haley Wagler was last seen Saturday night, but Monday night around 8:00, Rock Island police announced she had been found and is safe.

06/09/14 A Call for the RI County Board Chair to Resign

Today a fellow democrat, and central committee chair, called on Phil Banaszek to resign.
First week-long Juneteenth celebration begins in QC

06/09/14 First week-long Juneteenth celebration begins in QC

A week of music, film, and discussions in celebration of the oldest known holiday marking the end of slavery in the U.S. began yesterday.
Contract Extended for WIU President

06/06/14 Contract Extended for WIU President

After an evaluation, trustees approved a new contract and a raise for Jack Thomas

06/06/14 Midwest Week for 6/6/14

Wrapping up the recent trial of Nicholas Sheley
Big Bacon Bonanza

06/06/14 Big Bacon Bonanza

Bacon will help raise money for Churches United this weekend.
Alcoa Contract Vote

06/05/14 Alcoa Contract Vote

Workers in the QC and across the US will vote Friday
Black Hawk College's New Adult Learning Center

06/05/14 Black Hawk College's New Adult Learning Center

The college held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new Adult Learning Center, located on 11th Street at 46th Avenue.
Renovations at the Dubuque National Guard Armory

06/05/14 Renovations at the Dubuque National Guard Armory

The Dubuque Readiness Center will host a rededication ceremony in honor of its recent renovations.

06/04/14 Alumni Gift to UT

The gift will help student learn skilled manufacturing
Kings Harvest Pet Rescue

06/03/14 Kings Harvest Pet Rescue

An organization that helps the homeless in the QC wants to help their pets.
Young Peregrine Falcon Named and Banded

06/03/14 Young Peregrine Falcon Named and Banded

Marta is the newest addition to Iowa's peregrine falcon community.
Levy Question for the Bett. Sch. District

06/03/14 Levy Question for the Bett. Sch. District

The Public Education and Recreation Levy would upgrade elementary playgrounds
Prayer on the Agenda for Moline City Council

06/03/14 Prayer on the Agenda for Moline City Council

Tonight, aldermen will discuss whether to add an optional invocation at the beginning of each meeting.
John Deere Classic Media Day

06/02/14 John Deere Classic Media Day

Jordan Spieth will return to defend his title
Marriage Licenses for Same-Sex Couples

06/02/14 Marriage Licenses for Same-Sex Couples

Rock Island County issued its first same-sex marriage licenses today, one day after the new law took effect in Illinois.
Iowa Fraud Fighters

06/02/14 Iowa Fraud Fighters

The Iowa Insurance Division brings its consumer education program to Davenport.

May 2014

All Stars Camp

05/30/14 All Stars Camp

A football and cheerleading clinic for kids with disabilities.

05/30/14 Midwest Week for 5/30/14

Our annual preview of summer theater in the QC region
Coming Back Home a Battle for War Vets

05/29/14 Coming Back Home a Battle for War Vets

At a panel discussion for the public television documentary, "Coming Back with Wes Moore," local veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, along with their families, discussed the challenges of coming home.
Rock River Kayak Trip

05/28/14 Rock River Kayak Trip

Three young men just finished paddling along the entire length of the Rock River
Life in LeClaire, Grand Mound, Fruitland Subject of Study

05/28/14 Life in LeClaire, Grand Mound, Fruitland Subject of Study

Researchers at Iowa State University will conduct a study on the quality of life in 99 small towns in Iowa.
Prosecution Tries to Link Stolen Pickup Truck to Sheley

05/27/14 Prosecution Tries to Link Stolen Pickup Truck to Sheley

Prosecutors tried to prove today that Nicholas Sheley disposed of a possible murder weapon near St. Louis.

05/27/14 Former QC Man Runs for Indiana Treasurer

Mike Boland will be the democratic nominee
QC Criterium 2014

05/23/14 QC Criterium 2014

The annual Memorial Day bike races will move to a new course this year.
Augustana Commencement

05/23/14 Augustana Commencement

Graduation weekend begins Saturday
New children's garden opens

05/14/14 New children's garden opens

The Quad Cities Botanical Center opened phase 1 of its first interactive, inter-generational children's garden this afternoon.
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