Johnnie Cluney

'Welcome To Davenport' mural by Johnnie Cluney
Carolyn Martin / WVIK

Longtime WVIK listeners might remember the program Art Talks. It was hosted by the late Bruce Carter and featured interviews with local painters, musicians, and writers.

Now, as part of our efforts to enhance coverage of the local art scene, we'll bring you Talking Art, a regular segment during Morning Edition hosted by Carolyn Martin.

Daytrotter Art Exhibit

Mar 4, 2015
Johnnie Cluney - Daytrotter

Since it started 9 years ago, the Quad Cities-based music site Daytrotter has recorded more than 5,000 musicians and bands. And Davenport artist Johnnie Cluney has drawn a picture of each one. Friday (3/6) a selection of his drawings goes on display at Rozz Tox in Rock Island.