Lake George

Nov 4, 2017

East Moline

East Moline is reminding its residents about the dangers of lead in drinking water. That follows test results showing more than 10 per cent of the homes checked this year had elevated levels in their water.

Walking Across the Mississippi

Oct 14, 2017

Why Attend a Conference?

Oct 7, 2017

Liz West / Flickr

Agriculture experts say pumpkin crops in central Illinois are still recovering, but improving two years after heavy rain decimated area yields.

Lock and Dam 15

Sep 30, 2017

the first bio reactor, next to a farm field in Geneseo.Credit Illinois Farm BureauEdit | Remove

The Illinois Farm Bureau is leading an effort to show farmers how they can help improve water quality. Wednesday it supervised the building of a bio reactor near Geneseo - the first in a series to be installed across the state. 

Western Illinois Regional Council

The war against lead in Galesburg is expanding. As the city continues to replace old, home water service lines made of lead, some local and state agencies are joining forces to remove other sources of lead in homes.

Soliloquy on Human Nature and Nature

Sep 23, 2017