Flooding continues along the Rock River, and it could go on for another week or more.

Madelyn Beck / Harvest Public Media, Illinois Newsroom

It’s been a dry winter for most of the US. That’s raising concerns about a repeat of 2012’s drought, the worst since the Dust Bowl that cost farmers, ranchers, and governments 30 billion dollars. 

Harvest Public Media’s Madelyn Beck reports on the early signs of drought.

National Weather Service

Rivers in the Quad Cities area continue to rise, but more slowly than earlier this week.

National Weather Service

Flooding continues as several rivers in this area continue to rise, and they're not expected to reach their highest levels until at least Thursday. 

River Levels Rising

Feb 20, 2018
National Weather Service

As the rain continues, the rivers near the Quad Cities continue to rise.

Bee Branch Creek Restoration

Feb 17, 2018

First Flood Outlook

Feb 16, 2018
National Weather Service

Don't get too worried about possible spring flooding, yet. In its first flood outlook for this year, the National Weather Service says the chance of flooding along the Mississippi and other rivers in this area is "normal to below normal."

submitted / USFWS

Pelicans living on Mississippi River islands are in danger of losing their habitat to erosion. But officials who take care of the Upper Mississippi River Refuge have applied for federal funds to help restore five islands where thousands of pelicans live.

Communityworks and the Quad Cities

Feb 10, 2018

submitted / USFWS

Two male bald eagles near Fulton have found a new, female eagle to nest with. A web camera is mounted above the home of the three eagles. Usually eagles mate in pairs.

Michelle O'Neill reports their nest is located along Pool 13 of the Upper Mississippi River National Fish and Wildlife Refuge.

Ed Britton, Manager of the Savanna district, says last year, the two males survived repeated attacks on the nest. But after one prolonged attack, the female eagle was severely injured and never returned to the nest.